Falcon Eyes 18TDX (F1)

Falcon Eyes Flexible Bi-Color LED Panel RX-18TD 45x60cm using 504 LEDs to give you 100w power output. This flexible LED mat has a CRI value of 95.


Falcon Eyes 24TDX (F2)

Falcon Eyes Flexible Bi-Color LED Panel RX-24TDX 60x60cm giving you 150w power. This flexible LED mat, is DMX 512 and remote controlled.


Falcon Eyes 718 (F1 RGB)

The RX-718 RGB LED light gives you 100w output with stepless dimming of both color temperature of 3000-9999k as well as RGB. It supports DMX-512.


Astera AX1

The AX1 Pixel Tube is a completely wireless, IP65 waterproof, RGBW, pixel controllable, tube shaped lighting element, used mainly for television and film lighting as well as event production.


Falcon Eyes Sabre

The Falcon Eyes Saber One is a handheld LED light stick with the new mutual control technology. Color temperature could be adjusted from 3000 - 8000K step-less, with dimmable power output.


Falcon Eyes RGB 736 F3

200W RGB 2700-9999K LED Light with DMX+ X-frame.
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