Falcon Eyes F1

The new Roll-flex LED light RX-18TD are roll-able and flexible LED light with a thickness of only 10mm, which are very handy lights. It is a flexible light with velcro connection attached so that you can DIY it according to your shooting status. Also, there is an included Sony V-mount plate on the controller box, convenient for your outdoor photography. It features high brightness up to 6870LUX@0.5m, high CRI up to 95, and accurate color temperature between 3000-5600k. You can directly know your brightness and color temperature by digital displaying. You can also remote control a group of lights by one of the controller box.

Use as a normal LED soft-light
Use in a China Ball
Use as A Flyer
Use effectively on ceilings

1. High CRI and brightness and accurate color temperature: Made of 504pcs of LED bulbs with beam angle of 120 degree; CRI up to 95 and brightness up to 6870LUX@0.5m;
2. Brightness adjustable in 1%-100% and color temperature adjusted by 50k in 3000-5600; Brightness and color temperature displaying; Group remote control available on brightness and color temperature by the antenna on one controller box. 
3. Dual power system: power adapter and Sony V-mount battery plate
4. Flexibility so that you can DIY it by your thoughts: install it together with the included X-Frame and universal connecter and a chose-able soft box or spread soft box as a flag.
5. Velcro connection attached so that you can hold it on the back of chair, on the top of your car and so on.