Falcon Eyes 24TDX (F2)

The new Roll-Flex LED light is developed with the latest LED technology to perform rollable and flexible movement
with thickness of only 10mm. The Roll-Flex size is 62.5*62.5cm. It can aim for all kinds of shooting and microfilming.
It’s handy lightweight and easy to carry around which is great to use as your no-sunlight reflector or as a fill light.
With the help of the optional clamp, user could mount the Roll-Flex LED light on a light stand in order to use as
a led panel.

Use as a normal LED soft-light
Use in a China Ball
Use effectively on ceilings
Connect and control from A Lighting Desk
Control from remote control 2.4G

1. Color Temperature is 3000K-5600K
2. The LED light is rollable,flexible and waterproof, easy to carry.
3. It can also use Sony batteries when you are outdoors.
4. It is made up of 756 pieces high quality and small LED lights.
5. With Adhesive Velcro design, you can mount the Roll-Flex LED light on a light stand in order to use as a led panel.
2. Brightness adjustable in 1%-100% and color temperature adjusted by 50k in 3000-5600; Brightness and color temperature displaying; Group remote control available on brightness and color temperature by the antenna on one controller box. 
3. Dual power system: power adapter and Sony V-mount battery plate
4. Flexibility so that you can DIY it by your thoughts: install it together with the included X-Frame and universal connecter and a chose-able soft box or spread soft box as a flag.
5. Velcro connection attached so that you can hold it on the back of chair, on the top of your car and so on.